Flatter Than Flat

imageI trailed my dad when I was a little kid.  A man came to visit one day.  He and Daddy dawdled by his truck talking before the man left.  Bored, I dropped down to inspect his tires.  It was the first time I’ ever noticed valve stems.  I took off the top of the valve stem and pressed the probe in the center with a nail, releasing all the air.   I enjoyed it so much, I started on the back tire.  I had it nearly deflated as well before they noticed what I was up to.  He had one spare, but the two of them had to take turns pumping the other tire with a hand pump before he could leave.

i’ve seen happier men.

His Thing is Growing!

Lhaso ApsoMy adorable three-year-old niece had just gotten in from church.  While still dressed in all her Sunday finery, Though we were gathering for Sunday dinner, she took time out of her busy day to examine Chester, their patient Lhaso Apso.  Deftly rolling him on his back, she parted the hair on his belly, announcing to all those present, “Well, Chulster’s thing is growing.  He’s just got so much hair you can’t see it.!”

What a relief!  The dinner guests had all been so worried!

Five Photos, Five Stories Hard Time Marrying Part 2

cabin 3“These young’uns is got scarlet fever. You ain’t leaving ‘em for this town to deal with. Jist take ‘em on back where you come from.”  The sheriff steadfastly refused responsibility for the children. Continue reading