Flatter Than Flat

imageI trailed my dad when I was a little kid.  A man came to visit one day.  He and Daddy dawdled by his truck talking before the man left.  Bored, I dropped down to inspect his tires.  It was the first time I’ ever noticed valve stems.  I took off the top of the valve stem and pressed the probe in the center with a nail, releasing all the air.   I enjoyed it so much, I started on the back tire.  I had it nearly deflated as well before they noticed what I was up to.  He had one spare, but the two of them had to take turns pumping the other tire with a hand pump before he could leave.

i’ve seen happier men.

19 thoughts on “Flatter Than Flat

  1. Another great story and reminder of something forgotten from childhood; along with memory of a cousin, that liked to put sand and other detritus, in the filler tube of his daddy’s truck’s gas tank.


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