His Thing is Growing!

Lhaso ApsoMy adorable three-year-old niece had just gotten in from church.  While still dressed in all her Sunday finery, Though we were gathering for Sunday dinner, she took time out of her busy day to examine Chester, their patient Lhaso Apso.  Deftly rolling him on his back, she parted the hair on his belly, announcing to all those present, “Well, Chulster’s thing is growing.  He’s just got so much hair you can’t see it.!”

What a relief!  The dinner guests had all been so worried!

34 thoughts on “His Thing is Growing!

  1. When my oldest was 3, he was in the bathtub enjoying some bubbles. All of a sudden he shouted, “Mommy! Mommy!” I turned to face him thinking he had hurt himself on a toy or something, and he had grabbed onto his scrotum and shouted, “I have a ball!” – I couldn’t stop giggling enough to let him know he had two!


  2. I remember as a child when we got a puppy from the guy next door. We specifically asked for a girl puppy. At some point, I noticed a “bump” on her underside near the tail, and I confronted our neighbor about having given us a boy dog instead of what we wanted. Imagine his embarrassment at having to explain to a young child that a boy dog would have a larger bump more in the middle of his underside, even though the “bump” on the girl dog was also for peeing.


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