Overheard at Work

G string

Stop now if you are easily offended.  Contains adult content!

We all have different parenting styles.

I overheard a hilarious phone conversation a furious friend and co-worker had with her teenage daughter at work one day. (repeated verbatim)

“Kaylee, You been gittin’ in my drawers!”


“Yes you have!  I can tell you been diggin’ around in there!  Them’s f___ing panties!  Is you f____ing!”

She slammed the phone down.  “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with that little ‘ho! I can’t keep her out of my f___ing panties”

I was rolling on the floor, laughing.

36 thoughts on “Overheard at Work

  1. Hilarious story. I have a lady at work that has umm inappropriate conversations on the phone at work with her husband. It is funny but mostly uncomfortable.
    Your post reminded me of a story the town gossip told me about a girl who’s mother got called inro school due to the clothes she was wearing. The clothes she wore were deemed inappropriate for a tween. When the mom got there she exclaimed surprise that her daughter had gone into her closet.

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  2. Rule 1: don’t be buying any sort of underwear that a ho of a daughter might be tempted to pinch. Massive Bridget Jones knickers are a) most supportive on the post-birth bottom and b) less of a draw;
    Rule 2: if Rule 1 is ignored and said go of a daughter does indeed steal some dental floss version of underwear then don’t be adding for it back…unless to burn it!
    Still, one person’s potential shared STI is another person’s hysterical blog post.

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  3. LOL I caught my teenager wearing my special undies too! I was like WTH? I never could wear those ones again that she stole from me. I did not have a convo out loud at work about it though! LOL

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  4. LOL Although I am scared to laugh – I have three daughters – I have no clue what I’m in for.
    BUT I will say, I would have been in my car already racing home and finding out what was going on!!!


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