Are You Wearing Panties?

heavy breathingAn employee’s husband called her at work, A new employee routed him to me, her nursing supervisor, not his wife, by mistake.  We are both Linda.  When I answered, all I heard was heavy breathing, then,”Are you wearing panties?”

Without missing a beat, I answered, “No, as a matter of fact, I always wear boxers.”

He panicked, knowing I knew who he was, apologizing, “I am so sorry.  I’ve been connected to the wrong person!”

Though I never mentioned it, I’m pretty sure she heard about it.

24 thoughts on “Are You Wearing Panties?

  1. I friend of mine once had an anonymous caller breathlessly ask her what she “had on.” Not realising the intent of the caller, she replied with what she was watching on television. The caller hung up in disgust. 😀


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