2009-10-10-Avoid-the-plagueWhen warning the children not to eat potato salad that had been sitting on the counter for a week, or the need to clean and dress a cut, generally instructing them in infection avoidance instead of going into the specifics Bud would say, for example, “Don’t eat that. You’ll get bungarendeen.”  He was a nurse, after all, and didn’t know better.

My daughter was in high school; her teacher was discussing various dread bacteria.  Never hearing the one she’d been waiting for, she raised her hand.  “What about bungarendeen?”

She was rewarded was generalized hysteria.  When the teacher quit laughing, she said.  “You must be John’s sister.  He asked that same question three years ago.”

10 thoughts on “Bungarendeen

  1. An X-Ray tech friend of mine in the USAF handled unruly or inattentive children by telling them not to disturb the “motherscofer.” Their eyes got big and curiosity was aroused, but they behaved. He’d probably be arrested for doing this now.


  2. Bungarendeen, indeed! As the oldest of five kids who all went to the same small school in the same small town, was the ‘John’ in my family. I love this anecdote, and can relate all so well!


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