Kathleen’s Vintage Letter from The Great Depression

K smart m1940 1Kathleen had just gotten the results of an achievement test when she was in the fifth grade when she wrote this letter to her sister, Annie.  I believe she was a bit full of herself, but did remember to ask after her sister.  I will transcribe since it is hard to read.

Cuthand, Texas

May 15, 1940

Dearest Neekie,

How are you?  Fine I hope. I am O.K.  Well, we had our test yesterday, May 14.  I didn’t think I would make anything on it.  But this morning Miss Gordon handed our test books.  In chapel, Miss Gordon said I made the most in my grade.  I looked at mine and it had A++ on it.  Was I surprised!  You know you told me to try and beat the sixth-graders.  Well, I did.  Miss Gordon said I even made higher than any of the eighth-grader made.  She said my average was that of an adult and I could do over eighth-grade work.  She was proud of it.  She said I made about a hundred and fifty.  Billy _______ failed.

Oh say!  Miss Gordon took us all to the show Monday.  It took three cars to take us all.  We saw “Swiss Family Robinson.” It was really a good show.  We will have a big picnic at school Friday.  I suppose I will have to go, but I don’t want to go.  It doesn’t seem possible that in two short days school will be out.  I really have enjoyed it.  Well, I supposed all good things come to an end some time.  Miss Gordon will not teach here next year.  Neekie, thanks ever so much for sending me that book.  It was really a good one.  You wouldn’t know June, Jan, and old Brazos.(goats)  They have all grown so much.  Jack and Jill have grown, too.(more goats)  They are still as mean as ever.  How are you getting on now?

Lots of Love,


We laughed over this letter.  Mother said she wished she was half this smart, now.

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