Guest Blogger lbeth1950

Reblogged from art by Robert Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein

My first test subject guest blogger is lbeth1950.

When I read her blog I feel like I’m visiting with a friend.

Her style is graceful and unhurried and the people in her world are written with empathy and love.

The image that I’ve placed above her post is one that her Mother drew and sent to me.

I hope that you enjoy the picture and Linda’s writing as much as I do.

Linda wrote: I am so delighted my dear friend Robert Goldstein asked me to do a guest post for him. He was gracious enough to allow me to share a portion of Kathleen’s Memoirs of The Great Depression, my current work in progress. Thanks so much Robert.

A hand colored drawing of a mother holding a little boy on her lap as he points to a bird in flight. The Forever Mom

The Gentlest of Men

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