Fido Buys the Farm

imageJoe found his dog lying out behind his car, not moving.  He grabbed Fido up and ran him in to the vet.

Vet:  “”I’m sorry.  Your dog is dead.  That’ll be fifty bucks.”

Joe:  “No, he can’t be!”  He threw Fido in the car and drove a few miles to see Vet #2.  This one put him up on the exam table, checked him over good then brought a Labrador Retriever Into the room.  The Lab sniffed Fido, poked him with his foot, but Fido didn’t respond.  Next the vet brought a cat in and waved him over Fido.

Vet#2:  “Sorry, your dog’s dead, alright.  That’ll be three-hundred and fifty dollars.”

Joe:  “Now hold on.  The other vet only charged me fifty dollars!”

Vet #2:  “Yeah, but I did a Lab test and Cat scan!”

23 thoughts on “Fido Buys the Farm

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Reel Recovery. I mentioned you and your blog in my post today. I have applied to attend a fly fishing retreat for cancer survivors in the fall. I really appreciate your letting me know about this!


  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    HA! Okay, true story. I sincerely believe that cats can and do predict illness. Two examples would be when I had seizures (for some still unknown reason) in 2000 and my cat Dana, would walk back and forth around my head as I was lying in bed, from just before the seizures until they went away and I was off the meds. Then in 2011/2012 as my cancer symptoms began to make themselves known my cat Dobson wouldn’t leave me alone and only stopped after I came home in remission. So while the joke is funny, to me, CAT scans are very real.

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