Three of the Deadlies

Pearly gatesTragically, three pastors and their wives were killed in a crash on the way home from a conference.  They found themselves standing before Saint Peter.  Saint Peter addressed the first pastor as he looked in his book.

“Well, I see here you lived a pretty good life.  You worked hard for your church.  You were faithful, but there’s one thing I need to look into further.  Your love of money got in your way.  In fact, you loved money so much you even married a woman named Penny.  Just have a seat over there while I do a little more checking.”

The second pastor came forward.  Saint Peter addressed him.  “You were a faithful pastor.  You served well except for one flaw.  Your love of alcohol caused you some problems.  You loved alcohol so much, you even married a woman named Sherry.  Have a seat over there while I do some balancing.”

The third pastor turned to his wife.  “Come on Fanny.  There’s no use in us even getting in line.”


13 thoughts on “Three of the Deadlies

  1. Bwahahaha!! 😀

    That reminds me of another.

    Little boy goes to school for his first time. The teacher asks the child in front of him: “What’s your name, little girl?”
    “Welcome, Jenny! And you, little boy?” (the kid on Jenny’s right.)
    “Welcome, Paul! And what about you?”
    The little boy answers, “Wagonwheel.”

    The teacher is not amused. “You know, if an adult asks you a decent question, you should give a decent answer! Now, what is your name?”
    “Wagonwheel,” repeats Wagonwheel bravely.
    The teacher is very angry. He gives Wagonwheel a spanking. “See, children, what you get for disrespect?” And he sends Wagonwheel home.

    Wagonwheel’s little brother comes running the moment he comes home.
    “How was school? How was school?”
    Wagonwheel shakes his head sadly.
    “Ooh, you’re gonna be in for it, Chickenshit.”

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