A blast from the past

Reblogged from Pensitivity after she read my story about Ralphie the Rat


Going through an old foot locker, I came across an old scrapbook of poetry I’d written in the 80s.

Thought I’d share this one with you as it’s based on a true story:

A Cat’s Delight

(Written 15th August 1983)

Dad brought us home a puppy,

A tiny ball of skin,

It must have cost a packet as

His wallet looked awfully thin.

A bald chihuahua pedigree,

Which looked more like a rat,

One thing was for certain,

It didn’t impress the cat!

We put it in a shoebox

Padded out with cotton wool,

A dish of milk and Farley’s

Then put it somewhere cool.

We made sure he was comfy,

And off to bed we went,

Thinking of the price of it,

How much our Dad had spent.

Next day we got up early,

Before the crack of dawn,

To look in on ‘our baby’…

Oh no! The…

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