Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine

imageAre you familiar with these good old Southern phrases and how to use them?

“Bless your heart”  means I was “raised right” and can’t call you a dumbass to your face.

“Raised right” means you were in church at least twice every Sunday and are still scared of you little bitty, old mama.  You have to  “Ma’am” and “Sir” folks till the day you die, or Mama will be “hurt.”  You don’t want Mama to be hurt.  You’ll be “lower than a snake’s belly” till one of the other kids messes up.

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Poverty, One Thing Money Can’t Buy

Old Mother HubbardLearning to get by was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Growing up on a farm, the second of five children, I learned responsibility, despite my best efforts not to.  We were all needed, just to get back.  With stock to feed, hay to make, gardens to care for, there weren’t too many idle moments.  That was before helping Mother in the house, Continue reading