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It is often said life is better when your experiences are shared with others.  I have a mission to help people discover their inner greatness; whatever that greatness might be.  And to do this I need the assistance of the many readers I have following my blog.  We are at approx. 870 followers in 4 1/2 months, a number that I am particularly proud of for such a short period of time!  And I am grateful!!  What I am asking for is your help. 

My vision is to reach tens of thousands of people each and every week, but I cannot do this alone.  I am asking you to do 3 things: 1. LIKE my Facebook page (Dream Big, Dream Often), 2. SHARE my page and posts with your friends and family and 3. sign up for the email subscription on my WordPress page.  The simple act of Sharing is…

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Snake-Handling and the Rapture(Part 2 of Starry Night, Kathleen’s Memoirs of the Great Depression)

laying on hands                         snake handling 2 snake handling

You might want to go back and read this before reading Part 2


“When me an’ my brother Jim was boys, we heard they was gonna be having a camp-meeting at one of them snake-handlin’ churches up in the hills.  Now we didn’ want nothin’ to do with snakes, but we thought it might be interestin’ to stir them church folks up a little.  We slipped out with the Rascoe boys an’ caught us up some cats an’ a dog or two an’ had’em in tow sacks.  We slipped up on the back side of the church an’ climbed up, pullin’ them bags behind us.  With all that singin’ and testafyin’, and speakin’ in tongues, them church folks couldna’ heard the devil comin’ up the river in a sawmill, so we didn’ have a bit o’trouble once they got started.  Them folks was naturally doin’ some carryin’ on!

Well, we give’em time enough to get to really git serious about their religion before we turned them dogs and cats loose on ‘em.  Them cats tore outa’ them sacks, like their tails was on fire, screechin’ and spittin’, with them dogs right behind ‘em.  Some of ‘em ended up bustin’ right up in the middle of them snake-handlers.  I mean to tell you, they threw them snakes down an’ they all run outside screamin’ an’ carryin’ on about the rapture.  You wouldn’a thought anybody that messed with snakes would’a got so stirred up about a few dogs and cats!