imageBud just hates it when he hears I am going to get my hair done.  He claims, “I love your hair just the way it is.” Then he looks real quick just in case I ask him how “it is.”  We both know it’s the money hairdos cost. I asked him today what kind of hairdo he didn’t like.  He could only think of one, mentioning a woman who shaves her head.  I guess I won’t try that one.

46 thoughts on “Hairdo

  1. I love a long standing love/hate relationship with those who cut hair. It’s a post that’s overdue, but it reveals some childhood trauma, so I keep putting it off. Some day soon. Baby steps ! Van ☺


  2. Trinity says:

    I cut my own hair and color it for many it years now and shaving it it’s been a fantasy since my teenage years but I haven’t got the guts yet 😉 maybe because I had long hair for so long I wanted to shave it or just because it looks care free lol

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  3. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    My hair was a little waved but with time now is thin and straight, I wear it very short. and go to the hIairdreseer every two monts… it would be good the fashion were shaved!!!! really I’d be one of the first in following it!!!!!

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  4. anonymous !ndian says:

    Hey! Nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award 🙂 You can check it out here :


  5. Years ago when I had a perm for the first time, I came home and my ten year old son and his best friend were playing in the front yard. My son laughed but his friend paid me a compliment. “I think it looks good — looks just like Dr Who.” Thanks Tim, I’m sure you meant well. ~sigh~


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