Gift for Danny

imageDanny colored print0002The delightful photograph above is my brother-in-law’s favorite photograph, made with his mother, when he was five years old.  My mother gifted him with this portrait of the two of them, based on that photo.  Let me know if you’d like an illustration done,

37 thoughts on “Gift for Danny

    • I will Carl. I follow you already, but clearly haven’t spent enough time there. Danny is my husband’s sister’s husband. Several years ago he had throat cancer when I was between jobs. I’d never had free time before. It was an odd feeling for me. I had the privilege of driving Danny to his radiation treatments for six weeks. For a great portion of that time he wasn’t able to talk. I learned so much while sitting in silence with a wonderful, thoughtful man. It was good time for me. I learned a lot about him, even though he couldn’t share by talking.


  1. So lovely! I love how much fun your mom must have with drawing. I just thought perhaps she would like to draw my grandpa and me. You know, the photo when I was carrien me as a baby. Just came to my mind while writing this comment.

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