Sketch of Roscoe Holdaway

This is a sketch my mother did of her father January 31, 1942, just a few days after Pearl Harbor Day.  She was twelve years old.  It is better than any photograph she has of him.Kathleen's Pencil Sketch of Roscoe 1941

19 thoughts on “Sketch of Roscoe Holdaway

  1. Very talented lady!

    I remember an art class in middle school (at that time, it was called junior high). We had to draw a portrait of someone, and I chose my favorite aunt. She posed without moving a single muscle for the entire length of time I drew her face, and I was determined to create an exact likeness. When I was all done, I proudly showed her my work. She was furious! I had made sure to include every, single wrinkle, and in the portrait she looked like she was about 90 years old. That was the end of any desire I had in becoming a portrait artist.


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