Buzzy the Barbarian

imageMy dog Buzzy weighs twenty-five pounds.  Twenty-five nipple-stomping,bladder-compressing, and according to some sources scrotum-squashing pounds.  I don’t know how or why he does this, but if he catches one of us stretched out on the sofa, he makes a bee-line for our recumbent body, leaping on our tenderest portions joyously.  I don’t know how he’s lived this long, except that by the time we’ve recovered, he’s moved on. He looks sweet, but he’s a killer.

18 thoughts on “Buzzy the Barbarian

  1. My wife can’t understand how our dogs can move our living room chairs out of position with ease. The answer–when they chase each other, one of them will leap; hit like a battering ram to escape. Then, as you know, there are also sharp dew claws and bony elbows.


  2. Our dog comes upon us by invitation only, because she’s 40 lbs and not everyone wants a dog on their lap, but the cats go where they please, as they please, and there’s nothing like the kitten pouncing on my bladder first thing in the morning. Hop on bladder, hop on chest, sniff my mouth, give a head-butt and scratch-leap to the window! LOL


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