The retired railroad engineer didn’t have a lot going on, so he got in the habit of going to the movies into the afternoon.  In fact, in one movie the bad guys were chasing the cowboy in the white hat when the train came by and separated them, letting  him get away.  He saw that one nine times.  When he went to buy his tenth ticket, the ticket seller asked him why he wanted to see it again.

“I’ve worked for the railroad for forty years.  I know that sooner or later that train’s gonna be late and I want to see what happens.”



I am one happy mama.  My kids both gave me gift cards for flowers for Mother’s Day.  I loaded up today. All the crazy old ladies pushing carts around in the garden department were jealous of me.  I will be knee deep in dirt tomorrow and happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.  Now I wish I’d had a few more kids.   I might hock something and go back to get some more stuff. Thanks, kids.