Pass the Pees, Please

imageYou haven’t lived till you’re way out in the country and realize nature is calling miles from the nearest bathroom.  Mother was walking with her elderly Aunt Mary when they understood they were in just such a predicament.  They were about a half-mile from from trees either direction when Aunt Mary realized she had to go.  She looked both ways to make sure no cars were coming, then told Mother to watch out for traffic while she squatted to do her business on the side of the road.  Mother watched the same direction Aunt Mary was facing, not bothering to check behind them.  Sure enough, in a minute, a car whizzed by, occupants whistling and laughing.  Helpfully, Mother updated poor, embarrassed Aunt Mary. “Oops!  There goes one!”

18 thoughts on “Pass the Pees, Please

  1. You may have inspired me to share a few stories…one with a Harley Davidson convention and a broken down VW bus in a Utah desert. The other involves a solitary tree, in 5 feet of snow, on an open field in northern Michigan, with me in a one piece zipped- up snowmobile suit. Sigh….I am never sure about sharing some things !! ☺ Van

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    Yes, I was in a trip with a friend in Uzbekistan. the little bus stopped we could admire the salt desert… behind us there was a slope and a tractor, my friend decided to go there to do her business and “hide” behind the tractor but she didn’t realize that from the other side people from the group could see her “mapa mundi”…. hahahahaha

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