Peeing in the Wilderness

laughing snakeThis peeing in the wilderness story is from a dear friend who will remain nameless since she has threatened me sufficiently and believably.  Some lovely young things were once touring the rural countryside when they realized they were miles from the nearest bathroom.  They weren’t concerned since they were country girls, skilled in country arts.  Scurrying into a nearby grove, they found a likely spot, took turns looking out for each other, and did their business.  They might have spent a little more time scouted the ground they planned to pee on since last to    go found she was relieving herself on an insulted snake as he slitherered his wet self toward her.  She hopped, as well as a gently-bred young lady with her pants around her ankles could, shrieking all the while, not being a fan of snakes.  The unfortunate urine-soaked snake bobbed behind along behind her, whether from disorientation some unknown snake perversion, we never knew.  At any rate,  the young lady eventually hopped far enough away to pull up her wet pants, collect her dignity, swear her faithless friends to secrecy, and make her soggy way home.

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