Aunt Mama Ellen and the Twins

imageMy friend Ellen planned to adopt her sister’s newborn due about the same time as her own.  She was her sister’s coach and put the newborn baby girl to her own breast at its birth, taking it home with her the next day.  Her sister, the birth mother went back to college, missing only one day of class. Seven days later Aunt/Mama Ellen was sitting Continue reading


Pee’s a’ Flyin’

imageConnie and Marilyn, my two baby sisters were only seventeen months apart, inseparable from the start.  Connie, the older, was protective of Marilyn.  Marilyn, on the other hand, was likely to tease Connie.  One day, they were playing outdoors when Connie squatted behind an old car and peed in an old hubcap lying on the ground.  As Continue reading

Grandpa Was a Dancing Fool

toe on fire0006repost:

When my Grandpa Roscoe and his brothers were young, they never missed the rare opportunity to attend a dance or church social, no matter how hard they’d been working on the farm. They’d work like mad all week to get through in time to ride out to any barn-dance, Continue reading