Pee’s a’ Flyin’

imageConnie and Marilyn, my two baby sisters were only seventeen months apart, inseparable from the start.  Connie, the older, was protective of Marilyn.  Marilyn, on the other hand, was likely to tease Connie.  One day, they were playing outdoors when Connie squatted behind an old car and peed in an old hubcap lying on the ground.  As soon as she got through and stood up, Marilyn gave the hubcap a good kick, splashing Connie good.  Connie said, “Damn!” thrilling Marilyn no end.  Just at the right age for tattling, Marilyn went flying in the house to tell Mother.  Naturally, Mother spanked Connie.  Connie never opened her mouth to tell what Marilyn had done to her.  Connie is still mad at Mother for being unfair.

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