Don’t Mess with My Caterpiller

imageI was happy to find a nice, healthy looking caterpiller gobbling this yarrow in the gardening center today,  I picked it up for my butterfly garden along with a few other plants.  The young lady in check out must have been brand new.  She picked up my yarrow bumping the caterpiller to the counter.  Before I could stop her, she brushed into her little trash can.

“Oh no!”  I darted to her trash can, scooping up my caterpiller.  He clamped onto the yarrow, picking up right where he left off.  “I needed him.”  I explained as I left.  I don’t think she got it.


39 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with My Caterpiller

  1. Ha Ha! Oh I roared when I read this! I would have been just like that girl at the checkout! I am a big wimp with creatures and tend to make a fuss! It was funny that you trod on the guy’s foot behind you in the queue as well.


  2. butchcountry67 says:

    we call the caterpillars pictured in the photo , “woolly bears” up here, they are all over , and when I am out walking the dog down the grid roads I stop and pick every woolly bear on the road up and transport them to the nearest ditch so they don’t get run over , well I don’t pick them all up, but I get as many as I can, there is usually hundreds if not thousands along the road .

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