Fishy Funeral

imageWhen my grandson was about two, I went to babysit for a few days while his preschool was on break.  While he was happy enough to have me visit, he wasn’t altogether satisfied with my babysitting services.  I spent a great deal of time trying to find an activity that pleased him in the late afternoons before his mom got home.  They lived Continue reading

Howdy! Joke of the Day

imageOld Joe had been out drinking late again and his wife had had enough of it.  She got herself a devil costume and was waiting for him whenhe came in.

She jumped out from the shadows, grabbed him and said, “I got you now!  I’m the Devil.”

He stuck out his hand and said, ” Well, hello, kinfolks.  I married your sister!”

Sweet Little Girl and Her Puppy

farm girl and dogSometimes I wonder if others are such life voyeurs as I?  It seems stories just leap everywhere I go.  I don’t just see a little girl walking with her dog down the street and move on.  I watch as long as I can see her, the way she walks, her apparent mood. Does she stoop to play with the puppy? Is it on a string or a leash?  Why is she wearing oversized sneakers?  Did she slip off in them or have to wear them?  Is that a happy or sad song she’s humming? Continue reading