Relaxing Weekend in the Country With Family

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My mother found this hilarious letter among her things today.  My grandmother was in a foul mood when she wrote it.  I recalled this weekend like it was yesterday when I read the letter.  Grandma was nosy.  She like to get right behind Daddy, quizzing him about his business and his family.  He wasn’t a patient man.  That certainly didn’t endear her to him.  She had already been visiting two weeks by the time this letter was written.  She was thinking her son was on his way to get her when she got a call, learning it would be another two weeks.  It didn’t make her or my dad happy to know they had another two weeks to spend together.  My dad was on strike at the time, throwing them together, even more.  His family came in to visit that weekend, creating a perfect storm.  I expected them to kill each other!

I will transcribe for you”

Dear BL,  Just time for word.  Hope all are getting along all right.  Sure hope your daddys neck is feeling better I don’t feel too good  Such a crowd here last night  Bonnie, Edward, their 3 kids & Geneva came Ester, Junie, and their 5 hienas. Cat Young & her bunch of Angel then 2 bunches of neighbors & their familys & it was so quiet it hurts my ears til yet. running & slamming doors. I thought they would never leave. Kack(my mother)is fixing to take Cat Young to Springhill she has to go to the bank on business & Arnold had to go help Edward finish his filling station today & use his car& he ask her to take her to the bank. I intended to go & found out Kack was going to take all her kids. I better close.  O I talked to John yest he ask me if I’de mind staying here two weeks longer til schools out that he hated to come one day & go back the I told him I’de wait they are beginning to make a little progress in their talks about settling the strike they are all hoping the mill will open after July the 4th Bill got to work 2 days for another construction job, he had to walk the picket line last night for an hour for two must close Kacks ready to start tell your daddy Bill is wanting to give away their big collie does he want him to go with Blue.  Must stop now.  Please write soon.  Love to all Grandma

I had forgotten until I reread this letter that Grandma didn’t bother with punctuation, though she had been a teacher.

15 thoughts on “Relaxing Weekend in the Country With Family

  1. My dad’s mother used to call, sometimes after drinking a little whiskey for her bronchitis. If she got the least bit bossy my mother hung up on her. My mother was her favorite daughter-in-law even so. 🙂 — Suzanne


  2. Grandma sounds and reminds me a lot of my grandmother. We called her “Big Mama” and she ruled with an skillit….lol. When we all showed up at her house; it was her 9 kids and all of use…a mob of babies of all ages…sounds like a lot of love in the household…


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