More Gravy?

imageBud said his mother almost killed his ambition when he was a kid.  He asked her what was the difference in the food they ate and what rich people ate.

She explained, “Oh, we eat the same food. ¬†They just have more gravies and sauces than we do.” Continue reading

Messed Up Family

It just occurred to me that Mother may have been raising a tribe of cannibals during the time Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Edward lived with us and I bit my cousin Cathy.¬† My brother Billy was five months¬†old to Cousin Eddie’s six weeks¬†and much bigger.¬† Mother and Aunt Bonnie had Snowmanput the two¬†babies on a quilt to play while they did their housework.¬† Eddie¬†had colic and cried all the time, so Aunt Bonnie wasn’t too surprised at the wailing.¬† She went in to check on him after a few minutes to find Billy, who was teething,¬†had worked his way over to Eddie. He had¬†a foot in one hand, a¬†thigh in the other, and was gnawing him like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Biting Cousins

Cathy and Linda0001When I was about three years old, my cousin Cathy’s parents moved their tiny egg-shaped trailer house under a big shade tree in our front yard. It was about as roomy as a nice bathtub. Like any right-thinking parents with two tiny children, they quickly moved into the house with our family, leaving us with four adults, a six-year-old, a three-year-old, an eighteen month old, and two newborns in a three bedroom house. ¬†The women cooked, cleaned and watched the kids together every day. ¬†Mother said it was a great time.

Pictured above are my cousin Cathy and me. ¬†She was much smaller though only a year younger than I. ¬†She also developed a nasty habit of biting. ¬†After I was bitten a few times, Mother told me to “bite her back.” ¬†She didn’t specify how hard.

The next time Cathy bit me, I bit her just below the eye and hung on. ¬†Cathy screamed and Mamas came running. ¬†Still I hung on. ¬†Mother told me to turn loose but I was too wrought up to hear her. ¬†She had to smack me to make me turn loose. ¬†It hurt my feelings. ¬†“You told me to bite her.”

“I didn’t tell you to bite a chunk out of her face.!”

Cathy had a bruise showing all my tooth prints. ¬†It turned from purple to green to yellow. ¬†I’m sorry, Cathy.