Green Bean, Ewwww!

EWWHolidays are rough on people who work in hospitals, since you’re getting by with minimal staff.  One Thanksgiving, I was performing dialysis on a patient not too long after he’d had his traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  I knew exactly what he’d had because he got sick and hurled it me.  By this time, I was a seasoned nurse and always had extra scrubs stowed in my locker.  Without gagging, I brushed off the bigger pieces, swabbed myself with soapy towels, generally sprayed myself with disinfectant, changed clothes, and got back to work, pretty much good as new.

Many hours later when I got home, as was my habit, I took off my shoes and clothes in the laundry room to keep germs out of the house.  I went straight to my bathroom for a much-needed shower.  When I took off my bra, pressed into my bosom, I found my patient’s green bean, where it had been riding cozily all day!

36 thoughts on “Green Bean, Ewwww!

  1. Amy says:

    The joys of nursing. I remember walking into a patient’s room after the toilet had overflowed – my shoes were covered in the reason he was in the hospital. haha.

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