Hongry Little Billy

imageMother and Little Billy walked over to have coffee with Miss Alice many mornings after she got us on the school bus.  Of course he would have had breakfast before leaving the house with her.  One morning they got to Miss Alice’s before she’d had time to clear breakfast away.  A couple of strips of bacon and a few biscuits rested on a plate on the table.  Billy asked for breakfast.  Mother scolded him, reminding him he’d already had breakfast.    Naturally, Miss Alice hopped up and fried him some eggs to go with the bacon and biscuits.

The next morning before going for coffee, Mother warned him.  “”You’ve had breakfast.  Don’t you dare ask Miss Alice for breakfast.”

When they got there, the ladies sat down at the kitchen table for coffee.  Instead of going off to play as he usually did, Billy climbed up on the bench behind the table.  Soon, he was hanging his head, talking low to himself.  “I’m so hungry.  I wish I had me some breakfast.  My mama won’t never cook me no breakfast.”

Miss Alice laughed, “Well ain’t that a shame.  You pore little hongry thing.  I’ll fix you some breakfast.”  Over Mother’s protests, she cooked breakfast.  Mother knew when she was beaten.

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