I was recently approached by an online T-shirt store. They showcase new artists and they wanted to put one of my designs on a T-shirt. They would showcase this design for a month. These T-shirts are shipped all around the world.

I am really, really excited about this and I wanted to share this with you guys! I would mean a lot if you all could check it out too…

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Blonde Joke

imageAn old fellow sat on a park bench watching the two blondes as they worked their way toward him.  One dug a hole and waited while the other filled it in.  They worked their way down the street, digging and filling up hole after hole, all the way down the street, stopping in front of him.

“Ladies, I have to admire your industry.  Why on earth are you working so hard digging holes just to fill them right back up?”

“Oh, we work for the city planting trees.  I dig the holes.  She fills them up.  The girl who puts the tree in called in sick today.”

Lunch Bucket Blues

dirty dishwaterLife at our house was a mad-house on better days.  Daddy worked rotating shifts.  For second shift he had to leave the house by two in the afternoon.  He always had a lot going on before work, so he wouldn’t sit down to dinner (lunch) until one or one-fifteen.  Mother always served a hot, sit-down meal with meat, two vegetables, and biscuits or cornbread.  According to Daddy, she was disorganized, so it challenged her to get Continue reading

Joke of the Day

gurneyA new patient was quite upset when the doctor’s nurse led him to a small, curtained cubicle and told him to undress. “But I only want the doctor to look at an ingrown toenail!” he protested. “Our rule is that everyone must undress,” replied the blond nurse. “That’s a stupid rule,” grumbled the patient, “making me undress just to look at my toe.” “That’s nothing,” growled a voice from the next cubicle. “I just came to fix the phones!”