Freedom of Expression

big mouthWe enjoyed considerable freedom of expression  when we were kids, as long as we felt like saying, “Yes, Ma’am. No Ma’am. Yes Sir, How high Sir?  May I be excused?  and God is great, God is good, Pass the beans.  Amen.”

The quickest way to get in trouble was to open my big mouth and ask questions or God Forbid, tell family business.  Telling Family Business assured swift and terrible punishment., like the time I told my Sunday School Class Phyllis was born June 20 and my parents got married June 29.  Mother was furious.  I couldn’t see any problem with that.  Both facts were true.  It mattered not at all to me that Mother wanted all the church ladies to be very clear on the fact that she’d been married nearly a full year before Phyllis came along.  Things like that really mattered back in the 1950’s.  Now folks are impressed if Mama and Daddy just get married.

22 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression

  1. That is so true! My oldest daughter followed my wedding by about 5 months and I wasn’t as allowed at my grandparents after that (my mean ones not my loving ones). Times are so different! The worst thing at our house was to agree with something negative my father was saying..soap in the mouth.


  2. Our house was the same way. Some secrets I didn’t know until a few years ago…like my cousin was born out of wedlock to my mother’s older sister. She was seduced as a young girl by the furniture store owner she worked for. I didn’t realize any of this until after she died at age 84. I often wondered why she was so much older than my aunt’s other kids but not enough to wonder out loud (which would not have gotten me any answers anyway).

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  3. 😀 😀 My parents married in the same month I was born. When I was around 12, I cried because how could they do that to me? Get married 24 days after my birth. They couldn’t get it through my head it wasn’t the same year. Same as you. 😛 😛


  4. My brother pointed out to Mum in his know at all voice that they were only married in June and he was born in October, he hadn’t factored in the years either! You’re so right about how times have changed!


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