Beautiful day!

cashmereflowersback flowerbed

Picture 1 is Cashmere Bouquet growing next to my patio strawberry bed.  The hummingbirds prefer it to the hummingbird feeders.  I grow enough strawberries for us and the birds. Picture 2 is what I wish my baskets looked like but never have.  Picture 3 is the flower bed in back that has about half enough flowers, but I did notice eggs on my milkweed plants, so maybe in a few days, I’ll have caterpillars.  The dill, fennel, and garlic are all right there waiting for them.  Oh, it’s so hot!  I have flowers to put out, baskets to fill, flowers to water.  The day is just gorgeous but it’s 95 degrees and the humidity is 80%. I must be really looking hard for something to complain about.  Thank you, God!


24 thoughts on “Beautiful day!

  1. The only Cashmere Bouquet I know is soap! The hanging basket looks stunning but I’ve thought that before and then discovered the flowers in them were plastic. If that’s the case with the ones in your photo they might look nice but they wouldn’t have the delightful perfume of yours.


  2. I like all the flowers especially picture 1, its gorgeous. Well you know sometimes we are not satisfied, even if everything is perfect. If it was 32 degrees, we might complain that it is too cold.


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