Questions Anyone?

I love reading other folks blogs and think about their lives or have questions about earlier posts.  Sometimes I wonder how things turned out or want to know more about a story that captured my interest.  I write mostly about my family and experiences.  Is there anything you’d like to know, a story that caught your interest, or just a question?Eddie SwainConnie and Marilyn's Toddler PicturesHoldaway Homesteadfamily3Graveside0001 (2)family1

20 thoughts on “Questions Anyone?

  1. lol, I want to know how many years of therapy it took and if your forefathers considered loading the family water supply with a major tranquilizer (just kidding, but you’ve really been through it)! I enjoy hearing it all!


    • How did your Peach Cobbler turn out? I made one out of fresh peaches the other day. I made two to freeze and went out of town. Hope my pie-maniac husband won’t be sitting in his recliner with broken teeth and peach juice in his beard when I get home, but will make nice post if he does.

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      • Josh Wrenn says:

        I think I either used too much crust the first time, or not enough the second time because the second time was very condensed milky. Still tasted amazing, just not the consistency the first one had. Really that first batch was the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had, bar none.


          • Josh Wrenn says:

            I do…but not the Carolina style. To vinegary for me, although the slaw is a nice touch. I make a mean pulled pork in the crockpot too.
            And you did send the recipe, but it was a double batch and I didn’t carefully measure it, just eyeballed. That said, it was still amazing both times and I thank you a lot. We have still yet to figure what will be best to send you, but are still thinking on it. It has just been to much drama going on to really consider it, but I promise to return the wonderful favor. Also, I am semi high-altitude so that sometimes makes a difference when baking.


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