Uncle Albert and Aunt Jewel, the Lowdown

imageAs I got a little older, I found out Uncle Albert and Aunt Jewel weren’t dull; they were just worn out.  Besides that, Uncle Albert had a fascinating physical attribute Daddy slipped up and mentioned one day, to his later regret.  Uncle Albert had a tail!  From that moment forward, my brother and I stalked him, probabably the first nasty little, voyeuristic kids in the word the molest a pitiful, worn-out old man.  We kept hoping his worn-out old khakis would slide off his bony behind, giving us a glimpse of that tail.  Eventually Daddy realized why we were pestering him and  threatened us enough to put a stop to our tagging.

At any rate, once I got sly enough to ferret out family gossip, I found out Aunt Jewel had once been a very pretty, and not too virtuous, girl.  Apparently, Uncle Albert brought her to his house to visit one evening when his wife, Mary, was out.  Mary, came home early and found them together in her bedroom.  Not surprisingly, she was unhappy.  When she tried to get in the bedroom with them, Uncle Albert slammed the door on her arm, breaking it.  He and Aunt Jewel became a couple after that.

It’s not surprising he preferred her to the unreasonable Mary.  She was a very understanding woman.  She told Albert’s sister,my grandma, “Albert has to have a woman!  Fortunately, her three sisters and mother were all friendly women, of questionable virtue, willing to accommodate Albert’s needs when she wasn’t well.  Uncle Albert and Aunt Jewel lived together over thirty years, becoming very devoted members of their local church the last ten years or so.  They gave very good advice once they got too old to set a bad example.

34 thoughts on “Uncle Albert and Aunt Jewel, the Lowdown

  1. Did you ever get to see the tail ? I can imagine if I stalked my great-uncles waiting for their pants to fall down, I would certainly feel pain somewhere.
    Where on earth did you get this picture from ?


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