Welcome Home, Baby

imageMother had said she was having a baby when I was about eight but I wasn’t particularly interested in babies, So didn’t think a lot about it.   I didn’t make the connection when when Daddy took us to spend the night with Miss Myra, one night.  I think we were supposed to spend the night with Aunt Julie, but she’d gotten sick and couldn’t keep us, so Miss Mya was stuck with us.  That was fine with me anyhow.  Miss Myra’s house was a lot more fun anyhow.  Her kids ran the place.   They were as wild as billy goats.  They jumped on the beds, climbed on the housetop, and swam in the pond whenever they wanted.  Miss Myra gave us sandwiches and Koolaid outside and even let us pee in the yard.   We had a great time.  We played on the railroad track, but had to get off when a train was coming.

We walked to the store, picking up coke bottles on the way to cash in for the deposit.  Eric, the big boy emptied a case from outside the door of the store into his burlap bag, so he got enough for B Bs, firecrackers, and candy.  Phyllis, Billy,and I slept on the floor in front of the television that night Miss Myra let us watch television till we went to sleep, then just threw a quilt over us.  We didn’t have to eat supper or take a bath.  The next morning for breakfast, she made silver dollar pancakes, the best thing I ever tasted.  We stayed another night and never had to take a bath , brush our teeth, or wash our hands.  It was the most fun I ever had.

16 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Baby

  1. It was all about losing the rules, wasn’t that the best part ??? ☺ I have lots of memories of collecting those soda bottles for the 2 cent deposit. Usually enough to get an ice cream cone and bicycle back home..it took an afternoon ! the simple life. 💕

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