Genie Joke

imageJoe was walking along the beach whe he found a dusty old bottle.  When he rubbed it, a genie came pouring out, “”I will grant you a wish, anything you want, but just one wish.”

Joe thought a minute before saying,     “I want you to build a bridge to Hawaii.  I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I’m afraid to fly and I get seasick, but I could drive if there was a bridge.”

“Sorry,” said the genie.  “That’s too hard! Think of of the logistics involved. The depth the piers would have to be sunk to the ocean floor, the amount of concrete, the engineering involved.  You’ll just have to think of something simpler.

“Okay then,” said Joe.  ” I’ d like to understand how my wife thinks, what makes her tick, what makes her happy, what makes her sad, what makes her cry…?”

“How many lanes do you want, two or four?”

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