Old Love

old people

Young Love is sweet, but far more precious is Old Love. Nothing warms the heart like an old couple who have weathered life’s assaults and not become embittered.  An Old couple laughing as they amble along holding hands warms my heart, knowing that they are probably enjoying the moment. I love seeing old lovers seated at a restaurant, or a parkbench, sitting quietly or just touching, words not needed. How wonderful to see them together, finishing each other’s sentences or laughing at worn jokes, knowing they’ve done it a thousand times before and are still seeing each other with youthful eyes.  Young Love is wild and sweet but growing into Old Love is glorious.

26 thoughts on “Old Love

  1. I love this . . . my parents would have been married 50 years the year they died. While they loved to bicker . . . I was often a quiet observer of their most tender moments. Memories I will never forget. Thanks for conjuring up some lovely memories. xo

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