Joke of the Day

Hagar-Kilted-sA couple of girls were bicycling through Scotland. As they pedaled through the countryside, they spotted an old man off in a meadow sitting against a tree. It was such a idyllic scene, they decided to walk out and take a picture. They parked their bikes and hiked over to the old Scotsman.
When they got there, he was sound asleep, sawing logs, oblivious to the world.
As they stood there looking at the old man in his tam and kilt, one girl started giggling.
“What is it?” her friend asked.
The first girl said, “Oh, I’ve just always wondered if it’s true that Scotsmen don’t wear anything underneath their kilts.”
Her friend replied, “Well, there may never be a better time to find out.”
So they crept up to the Scotsman, who was snoring loudly, and very carefully lifted up his kilt for a peek underneath. Their curiosity satisfied, they smiled at each other and gently lowered the kilt.
As they stood there, the first girl said, “You know, we’ve invaded this man’s privacy and he doesn’t even know it.”
Her friend said, “So what should we do?”
The first girl said, “I think we should leave him a little memento.”
And with that, she pulled a blue hair ribbon from her hair, lifted up the Scotsman’s kilt, and left the ribbon underneath, then they hiked back to their bicycles and rode away.
Some time later, the old Scotsman started to wake up. He shook the cobwebs from his head and stretched his arms. Then he felt something underneath his kilt. He lifted it up and took a look.. He scratched his chin, lifted up his kilt again, and said, “Well, Ah don’t know where ya been, Laddie, but I’m glad ta see ya won first prize.”

12 thoughts on “Joke of the Day

  1. Hey Linda,

    Really enjoyed this, and learnt a thing or two about the habits of curious young ladies lol 🙂

    I’ve never met a Scotsman who isn’t proud about wearing his own skin beneath the folds of a kilt. If I told you Scotland was not a warm country for most of the year, then perhaps like me, you too will be at a loss to understand why they do this? It is a curiosity for sure.

    Have a great day! Thanks for the chuckle as always 🙂

    Namaste LInda

    DN – 30/07/2015

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