Kitchen Tongs and Cat Poop

Did you ever travel back in time?  I reached for a pair of tongs in a kitchen drawer today and found myself four years old again with my mother standing over me.  She was furiously studying a pair of tongs she’d taken from a drawer.  “What’s on this on these tongs?”  Unwisely, she rubbed the tongs and held her fingers to her nose.  “This smells like poop!  Did you put my kitchen tongs in poop?”

“I used it to get cat poop out of the baby bed.”  She hit the roof.  I was only trying to help.

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Tongs and Cat Poop

  1. It reminds me of that mom who praised her baby’s artistic sense when he painted the wall by his crib with the diaper emissions. Not sure I could have done that. It’s hard not to react the way your mom did. ☺

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  2. mmmm like the time my son just learning how to use the potty..toddles in the kitchen with the fruit bowl…: good boy mummy, good boy ..look….other child …went urgh mum..but clever lad had taken the fruit out first 🙂


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