Do These Things Happen to Anyone Else?

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Mother makes use of my cozy guest room frequently  Last night she awoke me complaining the bed was crawling with ants.  Sure enough, she had half-a-dozen bites.  We shook out her nightgown, treated her bites, made her a new bed down on the sofa in the living room, but I felt just terrible about it.  I’ve always made a point to keep the room just to her tastes, freshly aired and dusted, with nice linens, and a handmade quilt.  Having her jarred from sleep by ant bites was horrible.  When I got her settled, I turned the covers back and found dozens of big and small black ants, moving in trails across the expanse of the covers.  I sprayed the bed and floor with insect killer before I went back to bed.

This morning when I went in to strip the bed, I found the source of the problem.  When I opened the door late yesterday to ready Mother’s bed, Buzzy, my American Eskimo Dog came along to help.  He frequently hides treats.  Delighted to find new territory, he retrieved an old piece of cornbread he’d apparently just dug up from its hiding place in the yard.  Unbeknownst to us, he slipped it up under the pillow in preparation for Mother’s visit.  It attracted ants beautifully.  The bed was fully loaded for Mother.

44 thoughts on “Do These Things Happen to Anyone Else?

  1. Many years ago, spending a night in the Guesthouse of a German Castle, I found ants under the eiderdown cover. The innkeeper casually explained that the ants sometimes came up through a pipe on the wall behind the bed during mating season. I asked to be moved to another room and left the ants to their amorous adventures.

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  2. If something is going to happen, it usually happens at the most inconvenient time! BTW, if you need a chemical to deal with this, I suggest Telstar – it is fine indoors & outside. We spray it every 6 months because we live in the South and have fire ant issues.

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  3. Aw, poor Buzzy wanted to share a midnight snack with Grandma. Buzzy probably doesn’t mind ants and probably couldn’t understand why his people have a problem with that. Buzzy probably thinks that chasing ants around is a great way to exercise off the midnight snack.

    On another note – why do you always find one big black ant right next to one little black ant? We noticed that a lot this summer. Is there some kind of conspiracy afoot?

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  4. My Rottweiller (now long deceased) used to bring people he liked portions of his kibbles and drop them in their shoes, or boots. I imagine soggy kibbles in your shoes can be a rather unpleasant experience at times, but his intentions were noble…I think. I never saw any ants, however, so I guess they don’t like dog-food. As for your original question. the universe has not truly singled you out, we all get hit on some kind of infernal schedule that always manages to hit at exactly the worst times. (At least that’s my theory.) I do feel for both you and your mother, however, since neither of your experiences could have been very pleasant and I’m sure you’re both just glad it’s all over.

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