Cat That Chewed Your Two Shoes

Roy Rogers bought himself a new pair of boots.  They were a little tight, so he rubbed them up with snake oil to soften them up a little.  They smelled so bad, Dale wouldn’t have them in the house.  Roy put them out on the back porch overnight to air out a little.  The next morning when he went out to get them, he found them all chewed up and ripped to shreds.  Then he noticed mountain lion tracks all around the place.  He went back in the house to get his gun and vowed not to come back without the mountain lion that had ruined his new boots.  In a few hours he came back home with the mountain lion draped over Trigger’s back behind him.  Dale saw him coming up with the lion hanging over his horse and starting singing, “Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your two shoes?”

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