A Penny Saved……


My lovely, kind-hearted niece, pictured above, brought her little rescue dog, Penny,over to meet me.  Penny had been tossed out near a creek by some evil person, apparently in hopes she’d be picked up.  Hannah left her food and water, since Penny was too fearful to be approached, baited a trap with wieners, and caught her.  She was underweight, starving, and sick when Hannah got her to a vet, but is now recovering.  In fact, she is recovering so well, she chased my dog Buzzy out of his food, drank his water, and bossed him around.  I think it was good for him to see how a hungry dog eats.  After Hannah had Penny home a couple of days, she’s dug out under fences, dominated their bigger dogs, and generally taken over.  I think she may have run the place at some old grannie’s house.  She shows all the signs of being the spoiled darling the kids pitched out when Granny died.  I expect to see her drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, listening to gospel music, and playing video poker next time I go to visit Hannah.  Seriously, I don’t know how people who abandon animal can sleep at night.  I guess they don’t know about Karma.

14 thoughts on “A Penny Saved……

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I adopted my dog the day after Christmas 2006. When I took him in for his well pet check up on the opposite side of town later, the only other lady in the waiting room kept staring at him. She eventually asked if I’d adopted him.

    Her family had witnessed a van pull over on the freeway. A little girl had gotten out and set him down on the shoulder. Her family had picked him up and taken him to the pound. They’d actually gone back to adopt him so he wouldn’t go unadopted, but found he’d already been spoken for.

    She was so glad to see him with me. And I, I was glad they’d stopped to pick up the guy who’s been my buddy for almost a decade now. ♥

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  2. You can be sure that people who treat animals badly generally also treat other people badly too. They have a need to dominate every situation but don’t usually feel love for anyone or anything. I hope karma comes to bite them in the bum.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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