Dear Auntie Linda, August 21, 2015

Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, I married Lucy more than forty years ago when I first got out of service.  Her told me her parents were dead; she had no other family.  It’s not been a  happy marriage, but we’ve managed to stay together and raise our family.  She’s never been close to me or the children.  One Sunday afternoon, about two weeks ago, a woman knocked on the door.  She was Lucy’s daughter from a previous marriage, a marriage Lucy never bothered to mention.  It turns out, Lucy had three children from that marriage.  She’d walked out on them and her husband, marrying me without benefit of divorce.  The man since divorced Lucy.  Now, it seems, Lucy and I are not married, nor are our children legitimate.  They are furious.  What do I do?  Surprised and Angry

Dear Surprised, Talk to a lawyer.  At least you will know where you stand.  Spend some time deciding what you want.  Looks like Lucy might have pooped in her mess kit.

Dear Auntie Linda,  I am a thirty-one-year-old mother of five.  I married a man from my church when I was seventeen.  I wanted to marry him, but I wasn’t allowed to see anyone outside my church.  I was home-schooled, which means I did a little school work sometimes while I took care of my eight younger brothers and sisters, cooked, sewed, cleaned, worked in the garden, and helped my mother with the ironing and sewing she took in to help ends meet.  I need to get out of my marriage. Though you’d never believe to see him in church, my husband cheats, is hateful to me and the kids, and doesn’t support us.  I have no where to turn.  My parents and church believe the wife must be submissive to the husband.  There is no way I can support my children. I have no education or skills. What do I do?  Hopeless

Dear Hopeless,  If you left your husband, you could apply for welfare benefits and get loans and grants for education.  There are other benefits you could apply for.  It is always possible there are shelters in your area.  There may be income assisted apartments you could qualify for.  Good luck.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda, My wife keeps taking money out of the household budget to buy plants for the yard.  She doesn’t care if the children have milk.  What do I do?  Desperate

Dear Desperate, The woman sounds like a saint!  Get a second job.  Milk is overrated.  Auntie Linda

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