Auntie Linda Reaches Out To Anna Duggar

Auntie LindaimageI wish I had had the opportunity to reach out to Anna Duggar and young women like her before they are sadly misguided by their parents, churches and future in-laws into oppressive, early marriages rather than being encouraged to develop as fully functioning members of society.  Anna’s parents additionally betrayed her by sanctioning her marriage to a man they knew had already molested his sisters and others.  They should have told her to run, not walk!  It is an outrage to deprive women of education and opportunities in the name of Godliness. Women who are already in this situation will surely need help and support to make a life outside their church and family. Though Josh Duggar has admitted to being addicted to pornography and having committing adultery, and well as child molestation, Anna has to be facing tremendous from her parents, in-laws, church and friends to “stand by her man” where her role is to assume a portion the guilt of a straying spouse, supporting him in his weakness.  If only she’d been more supportive, listened better, been a better lover………  Likely, Anna feels she has no skills, despite her years of mothering ang managing a home, feeling she can’t support the children alone.  I challenge Anna to look at the children she brought into the world; children she is responsible to protect at all costs.  They deserve a life free of perversion and shame.  Should Anna decide to bravely make the decision to protect her children, she can change things for children at risk for abuse everywhere.

20 thoughts on “Auntie Linda Reaches Out To Anna Duggar

  1. It’s a big step because she has to challenge a world view that normalizes abuse and torture as a form of mind control. I doubt that most abusers are intellectually sophisticated enough to know that what they do to the body also programs the mind. The only way for her to break the cycle is to free herself completely from her family so that her children are safe. She may feel like a child; but the ones who are helpless are the ones in the bodies of children.


  2. Well said, Linda. It seems that now her own family is trying to “rid their family of this pig”, and coming to her support. We’ll see what evolves. There is a lot of conditioning to reverse !! How awful for her to be dealing with all this in the public eye.

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  3. Well, H*ll, you’re making way too much sense here. We’re talking about believers, notorious for not making a lot of sense. Most of them want to protect the rapists, paedophiles, and thieves rather than punish them. Well, that is if they are truly sorry. They never stop to make sure that they really are sorry, no they just want to love the sinner and hate the sin because we’re all born sinners. We all make mistakes. People aren’t really responsible for what satan tricks them into doing… well, not if they see the light and are sorry for their sins. They all believe anyone is worth forgiving 70 times 7 … except the non-believers. No, those non-believers have to go to hell. I’d rather be in hell with honest people who know how to have a good time than liars, thieves, rapists, and paedophiles who know how to lie their way out of justice.

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