Joke of the Day

A thief went into a lingerie shop and stole hundreds of bras. Patrons were left hanging…

A Baptist Minister and a Unitarian minister were flying to a convention together. The Unitarian was very nervous and confided to the Baptist that this was the first time he had ever flown and was very scared. The Baptist said that there was nothing to it, just sit next to me and I will help you. The Baptist showed him how to put on his sit belt and adjust the air vents. Once in the air, the very pretty flight attendant came by with a tray of drinks. Cocktails?, She asked. The Unitarian lifted one off the tray and said Thank You. The Baptist had just delivered a fiery sermon on the evils of alcohol that morning. He looked at the flight attendant and said, “Young lady, I would rather commit fornication than touch alcohol to my lips. Shocked, the Unitarian placed his drink back on the tray and said, “I believe I would too, I didn’t know we had that choice.”


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