Ask Auntie Linda, September 8, 2015

Auntie Linda

My son, Craig, a junior in college, married Betsy six months ago.  They have a three-month old girl.  They planned to get married any, sometime, just moved it up when the baby surprised them.  They share a job as apartment managers that works around his classes and furnishes an apartment.  He has a job unloading grocery trucks seven mornings a week.  She babysits for a professor some evenings and weekends so they can manage without a babysitter.  Betsy’s mother is pressing Betsy and the baby to come home and live with her till Craig graduates.  Betsy could go to community college.  Craig could come in on weekends.  They are barely scraping by, now.  They can’t handle any extra expenses.  The grandparents could all help with childcare.  I am afraid Craig will let his grades drop, lose his scholarship and not get into med school.  He only has three semesters to complete.  Doesn’t this seem like a reasonable plan?  Proud but Worried Mama

Dear Proud,  What do Betsy and Craig think?  It sounds like they are both smart, hard-workers.  I’d be willing to bet they have strong ideas about being together.  Chances are, they’ll figure it out without any help, unless they ask. If you want to help, wait till you asked.  Then, you can make your own wise decision.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda,  I think my house might be haunted.  I  moved here a few months ago from the city and got an unbelievable deal on it.  The realtor said it had belonged to an old couple who went into a nursing home and later died.  I called the realtor back and asked if there were any claims of haunting, but she denied it.  Everything was quiet at first, but recently I have started hearing movement overhead.  My dog has barked so I know he hears the noises, too. No one can get in since I have a security system.  What do I do?  I hate as my neighbors and have them think I am crazy.  Scared

Dear Scared, It wouldn’t be surprising if squirrels or raccoons have gotten into your attic.  They fight, scrap, and make a tremendous amount of noise in the attic.  Before you call Ghost Busters get  pest control to check it out for you.  Auntie Linda

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