I spent most of the summer away from home this year.  My friend Ann, the charming lady in the background above was my gracious host.  One morning, she asked me if I’d like to pay a visit to her favorite resale shop.   She’d found some bargains and had to go back with the cash to pay for them  It was a great sale; everything was five dollars.  In fact, earlier that day, she had gotten a pair of Gucci Loafers and the gorgeous leather bag you see me clutching above.  Jackson, her little dog was snuggled in the bag for the duration.  I should have known from the worried look on his face that Ann might be plotting to rid herself of her summer-long guest.  The store was packed.  Women were trying on clothes in the aisles.  One customer’s skirt was sold while she was busy trying on another in the aisle.  As Ann rifled the racks hoping for one last bargain, I held Jackson and her purse, moving to stand in a breeze near the front door.  The shop owner, recognizing the beautiful bag Ann had bought there just that morning, called out to warn her I was stealing her bag.  Not realizing who she was talking to, I stood there like a dope, looking around for the purse thief.  In a minute or two, Ann realized what was going on and saved me from arrest.  It’s a good thing I had Jackson concealed on my person, or she might have just let them haul me off.

37 thoughts on “Framed!

  1. Hey Linda,

    The trials and tribulations of resale store shopping sounds an amusing affair an makes for a great story…a mixed bag of pleasure and pain and stashed away dog amidst the crush of competing bargain hunters. What fun 🙂 Who might ask for more from their shopping experience lol 🙂 The look on Jackson’s face kind of says it all!

    I spent 12 years working within the Retail sector for several different employers and have experienced my share of both laughter and despair. The experience has left me with many memories and amusing stories made all the more special by the characters and colleagues with whom I worked. I recall one Christmas Eve in particular whilst working for a Food Retailer. Given the time of year and the fact we were closing to celebrate the festivities it was common practice to aim to sell out of short-life fresh foods and avoid replenishing the fridges until our return 2 or 3 days later. As i recall, it was 5 minutes before closing when an anxious looking customer came hurrying through the door seeking a Turkey for their Christmas table. At the same time the butcher was cleaning the display case and bent right over to reach the back. The customer must have asked several times for assistance but was not heard above the sound of the fridge. Reaching forwards between the butcher’s legs she gave a little squeeze and immediately caught more than just the butchers attention who in his surprise made some comment about sweet meats being off the Christmas menu this year, but turned to face his assailant who seemed oblivious to her action. Unperturbed, she questioned the red-faced butcher on the availability of a Turkey, dismissing readily the two remaining birds in the fridge because of their sell-by date. ‘These don’t have a long enough date on them’ she muttered, to which the butcher replied in his most professionally annoyed tone, ‘Madam, are you looking for a Turkey to eat on Christmas Day or are you looking for a Turkey to take home and keep as a pet!’ 🙂

    Have a wonderful evening. Thanks for posting 🙂


    DN – 08/09/2015


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