Brother Gobel and Lost Love

roseJust days after Daddy’s death, Brother Gobel, a Pentecostal preacher, paid a condolence call to Mother.  A Bantam Rooster of a man, he was bow-legged, bald and not much taller than she,  a stark contrast to the tall, handsome husband she was still mourning.  He drank coffee, prayed with her, as ministers on visits normally do, and took his leave.  Thinking no more of it, Mother was shocked to get a letter from him a few days later.  Even more startling, was the fact that it included an epic poem of love telling of his devotion and hopes for their future together,  followed up with a marriage proposal, and some appropriate Biblical quotations about the role of wives, remarking that he’d always admired what a dutiful wife she had been, waiting on Daddy hand and foot.  Wisely, she pitched the letter in the trash.  Unwisely, she told me about it.  One of my great regrets in life is that she never shared that poem with me.  It would have my life, and yours, so much richer.

21 thoughts on “Brother Gobel and Lost Love

  1. Oh, yes, I would have loved to read that letter. I enjoyed dropping in and reading three of your posts today. All three of them had marvelous titles that made them irresistible.


  2. I wonder if he thought he would be doing her a favor, taking care of her or something prehistoric like that. I can imagine throwing it in the trash, too, or tearing it up in little pieces even. Makes me angry just thinking about it. If you make up the poem/letter, you have to write a response, too!


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