His Last Two Bucks

imageSeveral years ago, I dreamed of camping by a mountain stream.  About 3:30 am, Bud got up to go to the bathroom, stepping into about two inches of standing water. The plumbing under the bathroom sink had sprung a leak, flooding the house, hence my dream about the babbling brook.  We were both sloshing around like mad, though clearly, nothing we did was going to make a great difference right then, except for cutting off the flood and opening the doors to let the house drain.  We were surveying the damage when Bud went back in the bathroom for solace and discovered the greatest loss of all, soaked toilet tissue.  I can still hear his heartbroken cry.  “Well, <%#>*^. ;3~#}”£!  I spent my last two bucks on toilet tissue and didn’t even get to take a s___!

25 thoughts on “His Last Two Bucks

  1. Back to the bits of newspaper or grass then !! I can still remember using one of those horrid outside loos with squares of newspaper hanging on a nail on the wall. You had to sit and rub it while you did your business, to soften it so it could be used. And you ended up with ink all over your hands and you know where else 🙂

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  2. Hey Linda,

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this soggy story lol 😀 ‘…when Bud went back in the bathroom for solace’ had me in stitches even before I got to the last sentence. So funny!

    But what a curious thing indeed to have dreamt of the babbling brook and woken to a flooded house! How the imagination (or intuition?) must come alive during the hours of sleep. Fascinating. Interesting also to note that it was you and not Bud who had the dream, they say a woman’s intuition is a powerful faculty, and this story would certainly seem to substantiate that.

    Keep the funnies coming, they are superb 🙂


    DN – 12/09/2015

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