That’s Their Problem



Mother has three closets jammed with clothes.  Last time I counted, she had thirty-two outfits with tags.  Last Sunday when she stopped by to score a meal, she was sporting this stylish ensemble.  Since it was a tad nippy, she’d donned the purple, long-sleeved shirt I’d given her when she got caught without a sweater at my house several years ago.  As you can see, it’s extremely roomy. Paired with these charming cropped pants she’s been wearing for at least ten years, she was really styling.  For a finishing touch, she slipped into ankle-high nylons and loafers, accessorized by her pedometer, since her current obsession is walking.

I couldn’t help remarking, “Mother, you do know that’s a hideous outfit, don’t you?”

“I don’t care!  I’m old enough to wear what I want to,” was her reply.

“Okay, but you know since you’re past eighty, people may get the impression you have Alzheimer’s.” wasting some more conversation here.

“Well, that’s their problem!”

I need to find her a shirt that says, “Despite appearances to the contrary, I am not demented.”













64 thoughts on “That’s Their Problem

  1. HaHA! My mum wears outfits that raise eyebrows too! Like your mum,she has loads of clothes but for some reason, Mum likes to mix her colours a purple cardigan with a green dress and blue shoes or some such thing! She also feels that at her age (84) she can wear what she likes! 🙂


  2. I love your mom. I will be 74 in June and I’ll tell you a little secret. All of us senior citizens have decided to dress outrageously when ever we feel like it. We do it for shock value and laugh our heads off at the look on family and other peoples faces. We do it on purpose to entertain ourselves. Don’t let on that you know I wouldn’t want to spoil your moms fun.


  3. What a small sweet lady ! I can’t believe she is part author of that great book ” Everything smells just like poke salad”.
    I like her dress sense and to tell you the truth I dress exactly like her now( at 47). Maybe I am demented too.


  4. My MIL couldn’t pass a coat shop without buying an anorak. She had over thirty at the last count and only ever wore one. She had coat rails, cupboards and wardrobes of unworn clothes, bought on a whim, but not taken back when she tried them on at home and didn’t like them, as she couldn’t be bothered. FIL had tried to make some room and put loads up in the roof as she refused to give them to charity, which only made her buy more. She’s the only person I knew who would change her outfit at least four times a day, even having specific clothes to watch TV.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Linda, this story cracked me up. It was almost like being there with you and your mother. She is indeed special. Love all of you.


  6. I like her a lot! I remember discussing something similar with a friend, when we decided that when we get to a certain age we’ll very well wear and do what we like. As my mother says: if they don’t like it, they’re not obliged to look at me. 🙂


  7. I tend to agree with your mother. She can wear whatever she wants and if anyone else has issues with it, that’s their problem. So long as she’s fully covered, however. If she suddenly decides to go shopping in her skivvies, you definitely would want to intervene.


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