Ask Auntie Linda, October 13, 2015

Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda,  I am fourteen, old enough to know my own mind. My parents and I get along well, except they insist I attend church services at a tiny church with them weekly.  I hate it.  It is such a waste of time to sit there week after week and listen to the same old thing.  I am not an atheist, but I think I am old enough to make my own decision on this.  I want to go with my friends to a larger church with a contemporary service.  What do you think? Bored

Dear Bored,  I agree, church is sometimes boring.  It is not surprising you’d rather go with your friends to a service more of your liking.  Maybe you can make an agreement to go sometimes with them and alternate with the other church. Perhaps they could visit and see why you like it so much better.  It’s a good thing to be involved with good people somewhere.  Auntie Linda

Dear Auntie Linda,  My daughter Jill fled to our house one Saturday night after an altercation with her husband, Jack.  She’d found text messages from her husband to Judy.  She called the woman who wanted Jack to divorce Jill and marry her.  Judy showed Jill pictures of herself, Jack, and a transvestite they were both involved with.

When she confronted Jack, he came after her and Judy, since they’d both crossed him.  Jill fled to our home with their children.  Jill later told me, Jack had often disappeared from her bed at night, to be found sleeping with Jenny, their six-year-old.  When Jill and I questioned Jenny, Jenny started crying.  Jill and the children are living with us and the children haven’t seen Jack.

Here’s the problem.  Jill has been seeing Jack again and wants to reconcile, saying she “misunderstood”  and wants to move home with the children.  I will call police and report if she attempts, but wonder, how do I protect the children?  Grandma Bear

Dear Grandma, It is your responsibility to report the suspected abuse, now.  Call today.  This is not something you can handle yourself.  The problems between Jack and Jill are a secondary issue.  Auntie Linda

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